Teaching Tools

Teaching is a career composed of creative ideas. As a developing teacher, I am always searching for new and exciting tools to help me make my classroom unique. Below are some of my favourite teaching tools! I hope you can find them useful too!

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Pinterest- This site is composed of thousands and thousands of unique teaching ideas. It allows you to create your own boards so you can organize you ideas, and create boards to suit your own individual needs! It also allows you to follow other people so you can see what they have pinned. I LOVE this site! I use it all the time, and I think it is an extremely helpful resource! Below is the link to my teaching board! Enjoy!

Shayla’s Teaching Board

Saskatchewan Curriculum– This is a key link for teachers. It includes all the information we are supposed to teach, including the treaty outcomes that have recently been added to the curriculum. This is a good resource to have on hand as we plan and create units that we will use in our future classroom!

SK Curriculum

GN_10783246_GoNoodle Stickers_V2.inddGoNoodle!- This is a website that I discovered through one of my classmates. It includes a series of videos that gets students moving throughout the day. I think that students often do not receive as much physical activity throughout the day as they should, and this site offers a great way to get students active and moving. I think it is a great way to keep students focused, and engaged.

GoNoodle Link

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Kahoot-This is an excellent resource that we were introduced to in our ESST class. It gives students a new alternative to learning, and provides them with a fun, interactive way to engage in their own learning. It is a good way to include technology within the classroom.

Kahoot Link



G.Y.M- Growing Young Movers- This site expresses the importance of physical activity, and provides ways to promote that in youth. It is an excellent tool for teachers who are teaching physical education. It also provides demonstrations and examples of inclusive games that teachers could include within their lesson plans.

Growing Young Movers LinkGrowing Young Movers Link

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Rubistar- This site is an excellent resource for teachers! It provides an easy, and effective way to create a good rubric for assessment. It is a great tool to have in your teaching toolkit!

Rubistar Link

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DOGO News: This site describes current events that are happening around the world. This would be a good resource for teachers who are including current events within their Social Studies Units. It also includes news articles for kids. It would be a very useful classroom tool.

DOGO News Link