About Me


“In Learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 

Hello! My name is Shayla Berner, and I am currently in my fourth and final year of University. I am an aspiring teacher, and am thrilled to be on this journey. Becoming  teacher has been a life-long dream, and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to make this dream a reality. I have always had a passion for learning, and for working with children. Teaching combines my two loves. As a facilitator of learning, I will be learning alongside my students. Not only will I be teaching them, but they will be teaching me as well. The qualities that I consider most important are kindness, respect, and positivity. These are the qualities I strive to demonstrate within my classroom. I am patient, caring, and understanding, and think that this skill set will be very useful as a teacher. I hope to be kind, while still maintaining control. I hope to be positive, while still pushing them to achieve greatness. I hope to be their teacher, while still being their friend. Teaching is all about balance, and that is what I strive to find. Each day, not only do I have the privilege of watching my students learn, but I have the privilege of learning from them as well. I am truly blessed to be so close to having the career of my dreams. Though I am nearing the end of my education degree, it is truly just the beginning of a lifetime of learning. I am thrilled to be able to learn alongside my students each and every day. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

Below are some quotes that represent my teaching philosophy!

Teaching Quote


This picture is a beautiful representation of the different levels of development within the classroom. Everyone learns at a different pace, and in a different way. It is not a race to the finish line, and it is not a competition. It is about each child having the opportunity to learn and develop in a safe, and positive environment.



This quote expresses the importance of relationships, which is something I consider to be extremely important. If students do not feel cared for, respected, or appreciated, they are not going to try, and they are not goingTeaching quote 4   to learn. Every student is good at something. Everyone has strength, and is the job of the teacher to discover those strengths, and nurture them so they can grow. Building positive relationships is an extremely important aspect of teaching, and it is something I place a huge emphasis on. If the students know that someone cares about them and about their learning, they are more like to care and learn too.






Teaching quote 5


As a teacher, my job is not to dictate learning. My job is to use the knowledge within my classroom to create a positive, safe, and respectful learning environment. It is about learning from the experiences we share together. Teaching is not a lonely position, it is a position that is shared among everyone. Knowledge is not held by one person, it is held by everyone. This is a key component to my philosophy.



teaching quote 7Each child is special. They range in abilities, and no two children are the same. If teachers only teach in one way, they are not going to reach all of their students. I think that we need to teach in a variety of ways in order to ensure that everyone is having a fair, equal, and positive learning experience. We need to identify how each student learns so we can develop teaching strategies to meet their diverse needs.





Teaching quote 6No matter who the student is, or what they have been through, there will always be something that they are good at. Everyone has strengths, and it is the teacher’s job to discover them. Sometimes, students need someone who can see the good in them, and that is what I want to be for my students. I want to help them accomplish what they never thought possible. I want to help them see how wonderful and capable they are. Everyone has potential to achieve greatness.




Teaching quote 3


This quote is simple, yet effective. These two words have so much meaning. My ultimate goal a teacher is for my classroom to be an inclusive, engaging, and positive atmosphere. I want my students to know how much I care about them, and how much I appreciate their presence in my classroom. I want them to realize how important they are. This quote is something that will be included in the form of a poster, or bulletin board in every classroom I ever teach in. This way, my students will always know that they matter.

*all photos used were taken from Pinterest*