Month: April 2017

Final Project: Round 2

Well I am happy to report that round two of my final project was successful! My original plan was to make bread for my family Easter, but unfortunately, I did not get up in time. In addition, my Dad was making a turkey in the oven, therefore there was no room for my bread! Because of this, I started making bread as soon as our Easter supper was over. As I began, my family made the following comments:

“Shayla, you do realize that is not going to rise, right?” -Grandma

“Wow, you’re just starting that now? Are you planning on staying up all night?” -Auntie Sharon

“When I make bread, I get up at 4 am and it takes me all day.” -Auntie Sharon

“Maybe you should just take pictures from the internet and pretend you made it. That would take you a lot less time.” -Auntie Sharon

“Oh you’re making Cardomom bread? I hate Cardomom.” -Grandma

“Why aren’t you making raison bread? I really like raison bread…” -Uncle Kenny

As you can imagine, none of these things are reassuring. I had not even added the flour and my family was already convinced that my bread was not going to turn out. Not only that, but they were already coming up with back up plans of faking my success in preparation for my failure. After what seemed like hours of these negative comments, my Auntie and Grandma came into the kitchen and finally started to give me some very helpful advice. When I asked my Grandma why she didn’t think it was going to rise, she gave me information that I wish I would have had much earlier. She said, “it’s too cold in here. Bread does not rise unless it is warm.” WHAT!! This is news to me! Then, my Auntie told me to warm up the oven, turn the light on, cover it, and let it rise. This was quite literally the most helpful advice I have ever received. The dough rose beautifully, and made such a difference! I am amazed that I was even able to make bread before knowing this. The fact that I ever got anything to rise is an absolute miracle! Even though the internet is helpful, there is no better advice than from a real live person who has made hundreds of loaves of bread in their lifetime.

My bread didn’t look as pretty due to my lack of braiding skills, but it still tasted great! I found braiding to be much easier the second time, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Considering I had basically no experience in this before hand, I am very happy with the progress I have made. I began with making a very simplistic Amish White Bread, then I moved my way up from there. I started out very simple, and move to some more complex recipes that involved more ingredients. I set aside about eight hours per bread experience. Some took longer, others took less time. Within that time, I included the time spent grocery shopping, searching for recipes, making the bread, and blogging about it. Here are some of the main things I have learned from this experience:

  1. How to make yeast rise
  2. How to knead bread
  3. Patience
  4. How to make dough rise
  5. The importance of flour
  6. Which aisles things are located in at the grocery store
  7. To summarize, I learned how to make a variety of bread!

All in all, I am very happy with my learning project! I had a lot of fun doing it, and I feel like I learned a lot about something that I probably never would have tried otherwise. I also learned how to add pictures to my blog, and how to make a slideshow gallery! In addition, I learned how to add videos to youtube, and how to speed them up! This project has taught me a variety of skills that will benefit me in the future! I have come a long way in four months, and with practice, I know I will only get better! Here are some photos of my final project!

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Contribution to Learning

One of the requirements of this class was to regularly comment and contribute to the learning of others. To be honest, commenting on others blogs and tweets was probably the thing I was worst at throughout this class. Since my knowledge on technology is very limited, I found that I rarely knew the answer to the questions that were posed in the Google Community, and on twitter. Even though I wanted to be helpful, I found it very difficult to assist others due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. Because of this, I took on more of a supportive role. I often thanked others for sharing resources that I found helpful, and I provided feedback on certain things I liked about my classmates learning projects! I really enjoyed reading through the learning projects and weekly reflections that my classmates posted, but I did not comment as much as I should have. Here are examples of some of the tweets I have commented on:

I think that this was effective because it validated that what others were sharing were useful, beneficial, and helpful. In addition, I think that I contributed to others learning by sharing useful tweets and resources for my classmates. I know that I always felt really good when others liked, commented, or retweeted my tweets. It made me feel like others were benefiting from what I was sharing. It make me feel a little something like this:

I started this semester with zero tweets, and I now have eighty seven. I am happy with my progress, and with how much more comfortable I am with twitter. I was dreading it at the beginning of this class, but now I understand the educational purposes that it has to offer. There are so many amazing people out there who I can learn from, and twitter opens up a lot of doors in that area. I am a lot more confident with twitter now, and I am happy to have a new platform of communication. I even enjoyed the twitter chat (I really did not think that I would), and I am amazed at how much I have learned from the resources and articles that have been shared on my twitter feed. It helps me stay connected with the school I interned at, and it also keeps me posted on upcoming job in the school divisions that I am interested in. I wish I would have been a little more consistent with twitter, but I think I have come a very long way in a short time, and I am happy with how much confidence I have gained from this class.

Here are some of the resources I shared:

One of the stand out moments for me was the feedback I got on the portfolio portion of my blog. I had embedded a picture of my resume, cover letter, reference letter, and IPP, and people reacted very positively to it. I had people asking me how I did it, and thanking me for the idea! I also had a lot of people give me verbal feedback on this, and I am happy I was able to share my idea to others. This was one way in which I feel like I contributed to the learning of others. Below is an example of the feedback I received:

Commenting on blogs was something I definitely should have done more of…

I did comment, but I should have done it more consistently throughout the semester. I really loved looking through blogs and reading through everyone’s amazing learning projects. As I read, I learned a little bit about the basics of ASL, how to budget, how to knit, how to paint, how to bake cakes, and so much more! Everyone had such amazing ideas, and it was very cool to see their progress over the past four months. I do think I brought something to this class, and I think that I did contribute to the learning of others, but I could have done more. Here is some examples of comments I have made:


Overall, I am very glad I have taken this class. I now have a whole network of people from this class who I will continue to learn from in the future. Everyone in this class has taught me so much throughout this course, and I feel a lot better about using technology in the classroom because of it. I contributed to the learning of others mostly through sharing helpful resources and articles. I would say that this was my biggest contribution. I would also say that I did offer assistance to certain people through my comments and advice. I also found that I was more help verbally than anything else. I would often talk to my friends about their blog, and we would work through any issues we had together. I am very happy with my comfort level with technology. I definitely have a long way to go, but I now have a lot more confidence in trying new things! I am so glad to have chosen this course, and I loved learning alongside the wonderful people in ECMP 355!