Conversations with Shayla & Shania

For this week’s post, Shania and I created a video revolving around the Remind Me app! I played the role of the parent, and she played the role of the teacher. We chose to document our conversation through text. We created a script, and texted back and for the forth while Shania screen casted it on her computer. It began with me (the parent) texting Ms. Sonen to ask her about the Remind Me app that had recently been introduced to her hypothetical class. Shania then provided an explanation of what the app does, as well as how it is to be used. The conversation then goes back and forth with me asking her questions ab0ut the app, and her answering them. I play the role of someone who is afraid that my limited use of my phone will prevent me from having full access of the classroom information, as well as someone who wants my child to take responsibility for their own work. Shania explains that I can access it through e-mail if I so chose, as well as the importance that my child uses the app responsibly and for its proper use. Remind Me is something that I have used and heard about, but have not necessarily understood fully. After researching this app, I have learned about what it has to offer, and the possibilities within the app! Parents are a huge part of the classroom, and it is important to have them on board. That is why we chose to have the conversation between the parent and the teacher.

Creating the script of what we wanted to say was fairly easy, but the execution was much more difficult! It was a surprisingly stressful situation. When we began, my hands started shaking, and I am pretty sure I felt my blood pressure spike. We both kept screaming and saying: ‘We can do this. We can do this. Don’t make a spelling mistake, we can do this.’ I must say, we made quite the scene in the TPC. When people attempted to talk to us, we sent them away because we were too stressed out. It was a very dark ten minute period in my life, but it was all worth it in the end! Halfway through our first attempt, the computer froze up, therefore we had to redo the entire thing. Typing with speed, and without error is extremely challenging, but I think we executed it well. Even though we were very stressed, we had a lot of fun with it. Not only was it fun, but it also taught me a lot about the Remind Me app and its capabilities.



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  1. This is wonderful, Shayla. I have been on the receiving end of Remind (as a student) but was lost when it came to how to use it as a teacher with parents.

    This can be so helpful to any teachers who are starting to use Remind and who want to get parents informed – just send them this video, instead of going through that whole process yourself! This video along with the code could be emailed out to each parent, or sent home in agendas (with a URL to go to, to see this video). Thanks so much for sharing, and for doing something that is not only helpful to your own learning, but helpful for all educators!

    Sharing this on Twitter!


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