Split Image Reflection

“Everyone presents an edited version of themselves on social media.”

This quote is powerful, strong, and carries so much truth. When someone posts something on Intstagram, they are rarely portraying a true version of themselves. Usually, it is an edited picture with some sort of cute, happy quote that doesn’t show a true representation of themselves. Sometimes, we get so lost in what we want that we forget to be who we are. This quote made me think deeply about its meaning, and I think that it accurately depicts what today’s society has become. We want everyone to think that we are  okay. That we are happy. That everything is going great. But this is not always reality. We strive to be ‘perfect,’ but in my opinion, perfect does not exist.

We all have our bad days, and hiding that fact behind some cute edited photo does not change that. I think that we need to be honest about who we are, and how we feel. Hiding our emotions and our true selves only hurts us in the end. Another quote that I found overwhelming powerful was, “even people you think are perfect are going through something difficult.” Last year, a boy from my community committed suicide, and he was on my mind as I read this article. He was a year older than me, so we were in the same school throughout my entire schooling experience. I did not know him well, but his death completely shattered my community.

The people who knew and loved him were broken, and it deeply hurt me to see how it has affected so many people I care about. So many people I talked to said things like, “he always seemed so happy. He was always making everyone laugh, and he always had a smile on his face.” I think that that is why I found this quote so emotional. Even though someone seems happy on the outside, does not mean they are happy on the inside. My heart breaks for this family, and it breaks for this girl who suffered because of mental illness. My mother has struggled with mental illness since she was twelve years old, so I feel a deep connection with the topic. It has been something that has impacted my life in so many ways, and I write this post because I want the stigma around mental illness to end. I want people to feel safe to talk about it, and I want people to feel safe to seek help if they need it. We all deserve to be happy, and hiding behind a fake image only shares our ideal self, not our real self.


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