My Digital Identity…

Today’s class really emphasized the importance of a positive online presence, which is the main purpose of this class. During our group activity that required us to google someone, I was able to see what a positive online presence really looks like. The woman I googled demonstrated a very professional presence. She was an accomplished educator with a clear passion for technology. Every link I clicked on showed some positive form of her life, and it really showcased her accomplishments. This is the online presence I strive to have, but it will take some work to get there.

When I googled myself, the first thing that came up was my Facebook. This is not a bad thing, because my account is locked, and there is nothing on there that I would ever need or want to hide, but it is still not the first thing I would like people to see. I would prefer them to see my Twitter account, my Linked In Account, or my blog because these are things that are related to my education and professional background. By continuing to tweet, and blog, I can hopefully make it so that they are the first thing that shows up when I am ‘googled.’ One negative thing that showed up during my google search was the website of a girl that appears to have the same name as me. Unfortunately, her website shows her smoking, and it also contains a lot of drug related posts. My initial reaction was something like this:

The main picture on this website was girl with dark hair, blurred from the cloud of smoke that surrounded her. This concerned me because I also have dark hair, and the face is completely blurred out due to the smoke. The only part of the photo that is clear is her hair, which could easily be mistaken as mine by someone who did not know me that well. I hope that anyone who views this website knows that it is not me, but I still do not like the fact that this comes up when my name is googled. The more I looked at her website, the angrier I got.

Since I am currently beginning the job hunt, this is definitely not what I want potential employers to see when they google my name. This realization made me think about and consider what I can do to fix this problem. It’s not like I can call this woman and demand that she takes the website down. The only solution I have come up with is to create an online presence that pushes her so far down the ‘google list’ that it is irrelevant to my google search. This is what I aim to do, hopefully my solution is successful! My digital identity is important, especially as a teacher!


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